I started building Native American style flutes from the pure desire to play them. I love the sound, it is the sound of the earth and the frequency of a well made flute matches the very frequency of the earth. You can read a lot on the history of the Love Flute” or native American flutes HERE. I will not go into it on this page. however i will say that the sound of the flute has always been a sound of peace and tranquillity and can soothe the mind to a point of content even in the hardest of times. the sound can carry you back to the times when you could hear only the sounds of the owls at night as you sat by a fire and listened to the sound in the nights or by a babbling brook. sometimes the haunting sounds of a far off coyote calling to the moon, or a night owl asking that never answered question who? whoo? whooo? created all this beauty?


Elk Feather Flutes

Elk horn and silver feather inlays are the trademark of Idaho flutes. you will find both items in the flutes, however not limited to these items. I also use Deer sheds and native beading on my flutes